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Talk to the right therapist for you.

Qoral is here to help you find quality care in a convenient way by connecting you to a therapist in our network through video chat.

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- How it works -

Get matched.

We find you a therapist based on your preferences and provide a free 15 minute consultation.

Connect online.

Video chat with a therapist from the comfort of your dorm or apartment — it’s private and convenient.

Save time.

We work with your schedule. No more phone tag with therapists or traveling across town between classes.

So how much will it cost?

Simple answer to a complicated question: it depends on your insurance. But do not worry -- we will personally walk you through everything insurance related before you meet with your therapist.

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If you don't have insurance, have insurance in a different state or have any questions, contact us at info@getqoralhealth.com.

"Qoral has helped me by making it easier to care for my mental health. They take out the "hassle" part of finding and talking to a therapist!"

- Carlo, 23

"Qoral gave me the access to find someone who could work with me"

- Caroline, 20

Finding care shouldn't be hard. We're here to help.

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e. info@getqoralhealth.com
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